St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, St. Louis, Missouri

The program for this church required a seating capacity of 1,000 with all worshipers close to the altar! A large Narthex/Gathering area is included as well as a small daily chapel which doubles as a cry room on Sundays.

The design solution features a tall circular “belfry” over the altar which houses bells and air conditioning equipment. Radiating from the belfry are 16 pie shaped segments each diminishing in height toward the rear of the church. Six segments over the Sanctuary have large skylights which are glazed with translucent fiberglass panels to provide an abundance of warm, diffuse natural light.

The plan also includes a separate eucharistic chapel, while still providing a glimpse of the tabernacle through wooden grillwork as desired by the traditional sensibilities of this congregation

 Winner of Excellence in Masonry Award
Masonry Institute of St. Louis