The design of a new church or the renovation of an existing one is an awesome undertaking; awesome in every sense, both formidable and wondrous. It requires very special skills. StauderArchitecture has those skills along with the creativity to apply them to every unique situation.

Creating a proper environment for worship requires a myriad of diverse elements both aesthetic and technical that must come together to make a "church." Among these elements are style and scale, a functional plan, the use of natural light and the choice of honest, worthy materials

On the exterior, a church must reach out to welcome the community. Inside, it must be warm, bright and hospitable and at the same time it must transcend the environment of every day secular life.

Beyond the aesthetics of style and scale there are a host of technical issues which must be addressed including lighting, room acoustics, voice reinforcement systems and heating and air conditioning systems. The worshippers must see clearly and hear effortlessly so that they will feel the presence of God and their fellow worshippers.

Can church architecture do all of this? Yes, emphatically! In the hands of creative and technical professionals all miracles are possible.

Architects have been designing churches for thousands of years. It is an endeavor steeped in tradition yet presenting new challenges every day. Perhaps more than any other building type, church design requires a knowledge and sensitivity that can only come with years of experience.

StauderArchitecture has the experience you need.