St. Simon, St. Louis, Missouri

St. Simon the Apostle Church has been worshiping in what was originally intended to be temporary space for decades. The original structure was built to serve as a worship space until a new church could be built and the original building converted into a gymnasium. The parish decided some years ago, however, to build a new gymnasium and renovate the structure and continue using it as a church. In 1999 the parish began a project to finally construct a new church..

The worship space is designed for a capacity of 800, with provisions to expand to 900 in the future. The current seating plan utilizes a cross aisle that can eventually be filled in later in order to add 100 more seats if necessary..

The laminated wood arches form a structure that accentuates the entire community of worshipers together with the sanctuary, rather than placing all of the emphasis on a “stage” type sanctuary.