St. Clement Parish Center, St. Louis, Missouri

St. Clement is a parish rich in history for StauderArchitecture. The first phase of construction at the site was a new school and temporary church done by the first generation of the firm, Adolph Stauder. In the early 1960’s, Arthur Stauder and Arthur Stauder Jr., Completed an addition to the school, a rectory and a convent. In 1965, Arthur Stauder Jr. designed the current church. The most recent project, a parish center and school addition, was designed by Daniel Stauder, the fourth generation of the firm.

The new parish center was designed to harmonize with the existing church using a similar roof design and the same materials. The design focused on creating a multi-purpose space that could be used for athletic events as well as social events. Quality materials and different lighting schemes were used to give the space a warm feel for social events. Bright indirect lighting and glass block were used to create the proper atmosphere for athletic events.